Follows and Likes... Do they equal self-worth? Do the more I have somehow make me more successful? These are important questions for teens and young adults that tend to be consumed by social media. If you often get caught up in the "feed," then this is the book for you! As a teen or young adult, what is your definition of success? What does it look like? Do you think there is a correlation between social media and your self-worth? In today's world, the true meaning of success has been defined to youth by society as having fame, fortune or being millionaires, creating a stigma that our self worth is merely based on external factors and appearances. We concern ourselves with what other people think about us, and we judge ourselves because we are comparing who we are to other people; never being content with what we have and always wanting to be like, look like or have what someone else has. It is difficult to tell what is real and what isn't, what is true and what is a lie. This book is meant to help teens and young adults understand what true success is and help you make the right choices for YOU, not based on what your parents want, what society tells you, what you see on social media or what your peers are doing. At the end of each chapter, there is a real-life success story of someone amazing who has proven that it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, you CAN accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Inspirational Stories Include: Naveen Jain - Ungenita Prevost - Greg Walker - Jen Welter - Barbara Majeski - Herb Lang - Mike Poglese - Altagracia Pierre Outerbridge - Ana Olivero - Ria Story - Paul Kazanofski - Maria Trusa - Jonte Hall - Roberto Mendoza - Ram Castillo - Scott Lumley - Lee Duncan - Bruce Pulver

Foreword by Glenn Marsden and Ungenita Prevost