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How to keep kids happy when you work from home

The current global pandemic has presented many parents with the prospect of both working from home and raising their kids full-time, posing a new and unique challenge. This is not an easy task, and understandably many parents are concerned about their child’s well-being and how to keep them occupied and happy.

The organization is key. Begin by creating a routine. It is important that children, regardless of their age, are familiar with and understand the daily structure. This will give them guidelines as to what to expect, when, and how. The structure provides children with a sense of order and security. It also helps them to regulate their emotions and behavior, promotes friendships, and builds self-discipline. Plan out meal times, school hours, and also times for entertainment and relaxation. Try allowing the children to help plan the routine but also, be sure to let them know all activities are non-negotiable, so as to avoid unnecessary conflict.

Schedule moments for playtime. It is important to build time into the day where the children have time to play, be it building blocks or having a game of tag. This not only gives them a chance to blow off steam, and use their creativity and imagination, but also develops their problem-solving skills. Being able to find their own ways to pass time will help them to cope when they are feeling bored.

Develop playtime ideas. Playing with your children is important, as it gives them your undivided attention and shows you care. It also gives you the opportunity to bond with your children and have fun together. Activities such as playing board games, jigsaw puzzles, or drawing and coloring for younger children, are all great options. You can also use technology to watch a movie and have a snack together.

Allow your children to express and develop their interests. If your children express an interest in something, be it a hobby or a skill, it is a great idea to encourage this interest. You could enroll them in classes, or buy them materials or toys to help them explore their newfound passion. Not only do children learn from these experiences, but they also gain confidence and a sense of autonomy by learning new skills.

Communicate with your children. It is important to remember to talk to your children and discuss chores, school, news, and other things they may not be naturally drawn to. This will help them open up and feel comfortable talking to you about any issues they may be having.

Finally, make sure the work environment is suitable for the children. Working from home can be disruptive, so be sure to have designated working times when the children are not allowed to make noise or interrupt. This will give them a clear idea of what is expected of them.

Adopting some, or all, of these methods in your daily routine, can be greatly beneficial to both you and your children in creating a happy and productive environment.

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